Misconceptions You May Have About Solar Power

Misconceptions You May Have About Solar Power

For those who do not yet have any ideas on what solar panels are and how they work, they have some misconceptions about it. If you find yourself researching solar energy and you have your own mistaken beliefs about this renewable source of energy, facts about solar energy is laid down below for you to correct those false impressions.

Solar Panels Are Hard To Maintain

Once installed, commercial solar panels would do its job and that is to convert daylight into solar energy. They are sturdy, durable and are designed to lasts for more than 20 years. If it weren’t for you saving money on your energy and electricity bill, you might not even remember that you have them installed in the first place.

Even if some cells on the panels are not functioning, other cells on other panels could still do the job because they all work independently. It’s not like you would not have any power if one or more cells are malfunctioning. You still would not lose that much on energy production. Furthermore, most if not all solar panels come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Solar Panels Only Work in Warm Climates

Perhaps one of the most common fallacies about solar panels is that they only work on warm climates. This misconception is understandable since the source of energy is the sun and people are under the notion that when it’s cold, there is no sun and the panels would not work. The panels are designed to be used anywhere since even countries that are not known for their sunny and warm climates receive enough sunlight for the panels to work efficiently.

Solar Power Could Not Be Afforded by Regular Homeowners

There are homeowners who are interested in solar power but are easily turned off when they found out how much they need to spend. They tend to forget about the long-term savings and they don’t exert effort into doing their research that there are ways they could lower the cost. Besides, since there’s been a growing interest in solar energy, a lot of manufacturers are joining the industry and with the excessive supply, the prices of the product and the installation charges are starting to decrease.

Solar Energy Could Not Power Modern Appliances

There is a belief that solar energy could only power lights and other “minor” appliances. This is wrong. When you are using solar energy, you could still use other modern appliances even if they are using plentiful of energy (although it is recommended that you use these big machines in the morning when there is ample supply of daylight). Besides, modern appliances are now being designed and manufactured to be more energy efficient and power friendly.

Deciding to instead use solar energy is not only financially wise, you are also doing your part in helping the environment by using solar power instead of other sources of energy that needs other resources such as petroleum, coal, wood which produces carbon dioxide and other air and water pollutants.

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