Choosing the Perfect Shower Head for Your Bathroom

Choosing the Perfect Shower Head for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right shower head for your bathroom makes your shower time extra relaxing. Aside from simply preparing for the day, showers can also help you unwind after a long busty day. Today, there are plenty of shower head types to choose from, making it a little bit confusing when you’re shopping for one. To help you out, here are the common shower heads most preferred by homeowners in terms of functionality and comfort as well.

Fixed Shower Head

This is the type of shower head that is commonly found in homes. Fixed shower head is attached on the wall and has a simple design that serves its purpose. Most designs aren’t that wide or big which could range about 5 inches in diameter or even lesser. You could opt for a standard design if you like. But there are newer models which allows the user to switch between different spray patterns. This one is perfect if you want to have a fancier bathroom than a standard one.

Rainfall or Waterfall Shower Head

Although this type of shower head is still fixed or attached to a wall, it is much wider in diameter compared to the regular fixed shower heads. Rainfall shower heads usually have a diameter of 6 inches and more. The main purpose of this shower head type is a more relaxing shower with bigger droplets of water.

This means that you don’t need to worry of not having much high-water pressure in your home since you don’t need a full spraying shower head. Although rainfall shower heads can be easily installed on walls, you could get the best shower experience from it when you mount it on the ceiling instead. Check out these new products just in if you’re looking for the perfect shower head for your home.

Hand-Held Shower Head

If you’re aiming for more versatility when it comes to your shower, a hand-held shower head is the most popular option in the market. It consists of a wall mount and a detachable shower head with hose connected on it. If you want a regular shower, you could simply leave it mounted on the wall while using.

For other purposes, you can take it off the mount and use it to rinse soap all over your body and even on hard-to-reach areas. You can also use it to rinse walls, fill in a bucket, bathe little kids, and everything that is hard to achieve with a regular fixed shower. The best thing about a hand-held shower head is you have full control and versatility on where you want to direct the water.

Before buying a shower head, know first what you want to achieve in your bathroom. Are you fine with just a regular shower or do you want a more relaxing experience as you shower? Do you need something more versatile to accommodate your different showering needs? By answering those questions, you’ll know which type of shower head has the features that suits your needs best.