Things to Know If You’re Opening A Café or Restaurant

Things to Know If You’re Opening A Café or Restaurant

Are you a chef in the making, home baker or already in the hospitality business looking to venture out your franchise? Perhaps this article could help you with an outside perception from the eyes of a customer point of view on things that annoy us customers, which you could avoid to the best of your ability. So that you can cater to your people well!


As our world has highly digitalized, uber eats and other food delivery services play a vital role in knowing about your restaurant, or café.

As home deliveries are a go-to for the ones after work or for a quick go to! Your brand would matter, in the sense – chose your theme. Are you solely Asian based? Or are you a fusion? It would not help if you are both for example and do not mention this on your online platforms. Customers would get confused, customers like precision.

Online platforms

Some platforms you could look into whilst venturing out are Instagram and Facebook. You would also need to have a good digital marketing team for your brand.

At least, have the correct numbers to call your brand on, offers and someone that replies fast to messages asked on the platforms. You will be able to gain traction and allow your customers to be comfy to order and become a loyal customer through these online tools.


Your venue when opening up a café or restaurant matters a lot, try looking for a place that has more of a crowd, such as offices, or banks. For their go to lunch or even a place such as the beach, it does depend on your cuisine again. Hence taking you back to the main first point the ‘theme’ you got to be direct and stick with it.

You need to also be creative, many people like the outdoors and nature. So why not cater an inside space out?

Keep things under control

Once you have sorted out your venue, you need to consider controlling as much as your environment as possible. If you do not have an Air conditioner and you are located with more humidity, you are ought to annoy the customer.

 Keep your cutlery and plates clean always, and do not keep tables that are unclean for too long.

The last but most important, as much as you could try to control annoying creatures visiting. They could make the place unclean, especially birds. Reach out to bird control Sydney services as they would be able to control as much as possible.  This would help your environment in totality.

Get creative and deliver taste

Deliver taste over many dishes with no flavours, customers like quality. We do not like food that is bland. Get creative with taste and give people what they want depending on the cuisine.

It is your time to shine and make your mark in your food brand, customers are excited to try new things that are long lasting. For example, noodles with great taste that’s easy and quick to eat.